We are articulators of talent, capital, and purpose.


We are more than investment managers. We articulate talent, capital, and purpose by designing new business and organization models that foster our businesses and people’s growth. We invest in public and private companies in tune with our purpose and thesis, which allow the employment of innovative and sustainable solutions for the agribusiness and food sectors.

Tarpon 10b is one of the pillars of Tarpon, an ecosystem with interdependent asset managers innovating by investing in venture, public and private equity, and infrastructure.


We believe in regenerating the food chain so that 10 billion people can eat healthily and sustainably by 2055. This belief is where our inspiration and identity were born.

We contribute to the viability of a profitable global food chain and a healthy planet. Our purpose is based on an integrated thesis for co-creating new business models, technologies, and innovative solutions that have proven to increase productivity and profitability for the producer in a sustainable and regenerative way, respecting the consumers’ needs and desires.

We have a flexible investment approach, from co-founding pre-operational initiatives to supporting well-established, high-growth companies, including publicly traded ones, as long as they generate change and positively impact the food chain.

We work closely with the leadership and teams of the companies we invest in. Through these connections and networks, we promote the transformation and growth of organizations and people.

We are a diverse group with experience and depth in our expertise. We believe in genuine relationships based on trust and kindness, with different perspectives and mutual development.

We recognize ourselves as marathon runners. We are ready for the whole journey. We are long-term partners with a balanced perspective.

We collaborate with companies whose ambition is impacting – innovation, sustainability, technology, and purpose beyond profit.

We are constantly evaluating new opportunities that allow us to materialize our purpose, building partnerships with entrepreneurs who have an ecosystem mindset, collaboration, and learning.


In 4 years as Tarpon 10b, through our companies, we became the most significant player in post-harvest; one of the leaders in bioinputs, the largest private educational group dedicated to agribusiness, as well as a reference in technology for livestock, monitoring in real-time 15% of the milk produced in Brazil.

However, this story began much earlier. Our Tarpon ecosystem has 20 years of experience investing, operating, and developing legacy businesses across various industries. We invested over R$ 30 billion in 65 companies during this period. Generating returns far above the market and creating a network of talents we offer to the world as better investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.


We are the largest shareholders of Kepler Weber (KEPL3), the largest Brazilian company in the post-harvest segment, which has as one of its strengths the supply of silos, the only point in the chain through which 100% of the grains pass produced.

The company reaches the four corners of the country and exports to more than 30 countries.

Based on an in-depth analysis of the company and the segment, our investment aims, together with other shareholders and executives, to expand the company’s identity by increasing the portfolio of services, promoting access to credit, and adopting new technologies to reduce Brazil’s huge storage deficit.


Agrivalle is one of the leaders in the bioinputs market in Brazil and has a complete product portfolio, including biological control, special fertilizers, and biostimulants.

Founded in 2003, it is one of the most innovative platforms in the bioinputs segment, having been a global pioneer in developing formulations with different biological assets. In addition, the company stands out for its commercial strength with a multicultural, multi-geographical, and multichannel performance.

With the investment announced in July 2020, we at 10b, together with partners and executives, are working to strengthen the company’s culture, attract talent, and build strategic partnerships and new businesses that will lead Agrivalle to leadership in Brazil and a prominent position in the world market.


Rehagro is a leading education company focused on agribusiness. The company was founded in 2002 with a shared dream among the partners: to transform lives through agribusiness. Since the beginning of its trajectory, Rehagro has continually brought practical knowledge to thousands of professionals in the field.

The company’s focus is to be a learning bridge that transforms science into tools and methodologies accessible to rural producers, consultants, and operators of agribusiness companies.

We are working with Rehagro’s partners to enhance qualified labor training in agribusiness by digitalizing and expanding the offer of graduation, certification, and lifelong learning products.


Seedz is a benefits program that values those who plant and reap progress. Our investment, made in 2021, was to help Seedz digitize the agribusiness chain through an ecosystem of solutions.

Seedz supports the relationship and integration of the industry, distributors, retailers, resellers, cooperatives, and rural producers with a proprietary platform. More than 1,000 companies and 100 thousand users are on the platform.


We are co-founders of Rúmina, the largest integrated digital platform for the livestock sector in Latin America, together with leading livestock and technology experts.

Currently, Rúmina has animal welfare, farm management, and data intelligence modules to improve risk analysis and promote credit in the chain in an optimized and transparent way.

We are present on more than 8 thousand farms, generating value for small and large producers by reducing antibiotics usage, increasing production, and improving milk quality.


10b’s partners are investors in Solinftec, one of the leading ag-techs focused on precision agriculture with a global presence.


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